Arts & Science Jr. College

College has Junior College with streams Arts & Science have one division of each. This college is Non-granted.

Subjects of Junior College

Arts Faculty – Science Faculty –
1.   English 1.   English
2.   Hindi 2.   Hindi/ Information Technology
3.   History 3.   Mathematics
4.   Psychology 4.   Physics
5.   Sociology 5.   Biology
6.   Political Science 6.   Chemistry


Senior College

College offers courses for UG level in the three streams i.e. Arts, Science & Commerce

Arts Faculty (B. A.) –

Compulsory Subject- English
Second Language – Marathi/ Hindi
Optional Subjects* – Marathi/Hindi/English
  Political-Science/ Sociology


Science Faculty (B. Sc.) –

Compulsory Subject- English
Second Language – Marathi/ Hindi
Optional Subjects# Physics
  Computer Science


Note –

* Students should choose three subjects one from the following groups for B. A. First Year and it will remain same for B. A. Second Year, onwards from B. A. Third Year students should choose one paper as main from his optional three subjects. The main subject has four papers. Remaining two subjects have two papers each.

Students should choose any three subjects from Optional Subjects of B. Sc.

Commerce Faculty (B. Com.) –

Subjects offered by College-

Compulsory subject

  1. English

  2. Second Language – Marathi/ Hindi

Optional Subjects

  1. Business Environment

  2. Business Economics

  3. Business Statistics

  4. Financial Accounting

  5. IT Applications

  6. Industrial Economics

  7. Fundamental Mathematics

  8. Entrepreneurship Development

  9. Principal of Business Management

  • Corporate Accounting

  • Business Regulatory Frame Work

  • Marketing Management /Financial Management / Human Resource Management

  • Organization Behaviour

  • Corporate Legal Frame Work

  • Auditing Concepts

  • Business Management /Insurance / Cooperation

  • Cost Accounting

  • New Auditing Trends

  • Banking /Rural Development / Retail Management


Other Certificate Courses-

Certificate Course in Computer –

This Course is compulsory to the First Year Students of each stream. 100 hours will be given to students. The exam pattern of this course is theory & Practical. Theory has 75 marks & Practical has 25 Marks.

Certificate Course in Environmental Science-

This Course is Compulsory to the Second Year Students of Each Stream. This course is of Six months. The exam pattern of this course is theory & Field Work. Theory has 75 marks & Field Work has 25 Marks.